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Project Avalon: VR Environment and Asset Creation

As the Senior 3D – Set & Asset Artist as well as Supervisor, my primary objective was to meticulously design immersive environments and craft intricate 3D assets for an innovative VR experience aimed at cyber-security awareness training.

Furthermore, I oversaw and assembled most of these assets and environments within Unreal Engine, leveraging its powerful capabilities to bring our vision to life. From expansive digital settings to meticulously detailed textures, every aspect of our work aimed to transport players into a captivating virtual world.

Despite our collective dedication, “Project Avalon” ultimately remained unfinished due to the insolvency of the DGC.

Nevertheless, my contributions to the project reflect my steadfast commitment to crafting immersive experiences and pushing the boundaries of virtual reality storytelling.

Client: DGC – Deutsche Gesellschaft für Cybersicherheit