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I am a seasoned Senior Digital Artist and Supervisor with over 17 years of experience across Film, Game, and VR production. My expertise spans a wide range of disciplines, including 3D modeling, texturing, shading, concept art, and AI, complemented by a robust skill set in consulting on these areas.

I have a proven ability to lead and inspire teams of artists and designers, steering them towards the successful completion of intricate 3D models and textures, all while ensuring projects are delivered on time and to the highest standards of quality.

My passion lies in the relentless pursuit of innovative technical workflows, driven by a deep fascination with the ever-evolving landscape of digital art. This enthusiasm not only fuels my own growth but also guides my approach to consulting, where I aim to empower others with the knowledge and tools to thrive in this dynamic field.


+49 1578 9231 989



Lueneburg, Germany

Coffee, the unsung hero of the digital art world, and a finely tuned panic mode. But seriously, years of experience have taught me the art of time management and efficient workflow. So, even when deadlines are tighter than my jeans after Christmas, I deliver without the zombie transformation.

If by “out there,” you mean the outer reaches of the galaxy, I’m already packing my space suit. I thrive on unique and challenging projects.

While I appreciate a good napkin sketch, it’s not necessary. I specialize in translating the “vague” into the “spectacular.” Just share your vision, and I’ll handle the translation from concept to 3D masterpiece. But hey, if you’re passionate about napkin art, I’m all for it!

Ah, the ancient art of creative unblocking. My method involves a blend of arcane rituals and cutting-edge science—think dance breaks in moonlight and strategic caffeine consumption. But fear not, the muse always returns, often with a vengeance (and sometimes with pizza).

AI is as much a tool in art as a paintbrush was to Picasso. Sure, it won’t write you poetry (yet), but it can open doors to creative avenues previously thought impossible. Think of it as a really smart assistant who’s great at brainstorming but still needs you for the genius touch.

Regular updates and a healthy dose of curiosity. Much like keeping a Tamagotchi alive, staying current in digital art and AI requires constant attention and the willingness to evolve. Plus, I find that a little bit of tech wizardry keeps the circuits well-oiled and far from fried.

Communication, a pinch of flexibility, and a dash of humor. It’s about blending our visions to create something spectacular. I bring the expertise, you bring the ideas, and together we whip up a masterpiece that’s both on target and on time—seasoned to perfection.

Even though I operate from the digital wilderness, far from the physical office jungle, I’ve mastered the art of remote camaraderie. It’s all about staying connected, not just via Wi-Fi, but through regular check-ins, virtual brainstorming sessions, and the occasional digital coffee break.

I make it a point to be more than just a dynamic avatar; I’m an actively engaging team member who just happens to contribute from afar. Think of me as your team’s very own satellite—always in orbit, but constantly in communication.