• Senior Digital Artist at Freelance
    Senior Digital Artist (2006/Current)


  • Senior Digital Artist at LAVAlabs
    Senior Digital Artist (2015/2016)

  • Lighting Technical Director  at LAVAlabs Lighting, Rendering, Debugging for the animated feature film „Mullewapp 2 – Eine schöne Schweinerei“ (2014/2015)

  • Look Developement, Environment Supervisor at MotionWorks/Studio352
    Look Dev. and Environment Supervisor for the animated feature film „Mullewapp 2 – Eine schöne Schweinerei“ (2014)

  • Lighting Artist at Ambient Entertainment
    Lighting, rendering and pre composition for the animated feature film “Tarzan” produced by Constantin Film (2012/2013)

  • Lighting, Shading, Rendering Artist at M.A.R.K.13
    Lighting, Shading,Texturing and Rendering. Working on a variety of shots for the animated feature film “Ritter Rost” (2011 /2012)

  • Lighting Artist at
    Lighting, rendering and pre composition in Nuke of a variety of shots for the animated feature film “Thor – Legends of the Valhalla” (2011)

  • Modeling and Texture Artist at U.P.P.
    Modeling and texturing of assets for the life action film “Red Tails” directed by Anthony Hemmingway. (2011)

  • Environment Supervisor / Lead Modeler and Texture Artist at Lo Coloco Films Mexico
    Creation and development of highly detailed Environments, working closely with the Art Department and Director to keep the workflow efficient and to assure the highest quality standard. (2009/2011)

  • Management Institute Dr. Hoeher Team Consulting, assistant to the direction (part time)
    Office and project management, including administrative tasks, organization, preparation and coordination of events and workshops, research, preparation of presentations, graphic- and web design, updating and maintaining of the corporate’s database (2006 – 2008)

  • Freelance work as professional Graffiti Artist
    Planning and realization of graffiti workshops, events and projects for the administrations of various cities in Germany. Participation in the „Meeting of Styles“ in Wiesbaden (Germany), Antwerp (Belgium), Zurich (Switzerland) and New York City (NJ, United States of America), Mexico City (Mexico) (1997 – 2016)

  • ABRAXAS Medienwerkstatt e.V., Internship in video editing
    Organization, planning and realization of a film project with children, script and story writing, filming, Video editing on „FAST video machine“ (2003)


• strong communication skills, verbal and non-verbal
• capacity for teamwork
• capability to work under stress and to meet deadlines
• ability to analyse, organize, plan and to make decisions
• strong intercultural empathy
• open minded
• project management; capacity to accept challenges and to find creative solutions
• fine Art skills; including drawing, painting, sculpting
• DSLR Photography and post production for print and web
• fluent in German, English (spoken and written) and Spanish (spoken)

Education and qualifications

Gnomon School for Visual Effects, Texturing online course (2010)

Vancouver Film School, 3D Animation and VFX , diploma with honors, Vancouver BC (Canada) (2008 – 2009)

Ruhrakademie Schwerte, 3D Animation, Art and Design, Schwerte (Germany) (2006 – 2008)

Philipps- Universität Marburg, Peace and conflict studies, Marburg (Germany) (2005 – 2006)

Schule fuer Mode.Grafik.Design, Foundation studies in art and design, Offenbach (Germany) (2004 – 2005)

Kaufmännische Schulen Marburg, General certificate of higher education, Marburg (Germany) (1999 – 2003)